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Faculty and staff of Florida Atlantic University’s Barry Kaye College of Business recently dedicated the College’s boardroom in honor of Dr. Eugene Miller, adjunct professor and executive-in-residence.  


Miller was honored for his outstanding service and support of the college.   Since 1991, when he was appointed to the faculty, Miller created a unique course, now called the Executive Factor, which brought onto the college campus more than 140 CEOs to lecture to MBA students.   Its concept was to bring the real world of business into the college classrooms.  


The course, inaugurated by Miller, is one of the most popular MBA courses and includes chief executives from both public and private companies, large and small.   Some of the more familiar names involved include Bernard Marcus, chairman of Home Depot; Michael Jackson, CEO of AutoNation; Larry Phillips Van Heusen and Pat Moran of JM Enterprises; and Sam Zell, head of one of the country’s largest real estate firms.   (FAU, Boca Raton, FL March 5, 2006)


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